Repair and Mending Services

I am available to assess and accept items for repair, and make them available for pick-up, during business hours. Please note that currently the shop is closed Monday-Wednesday and weekday hours are limited. Please allow up to two weeks for your item to be ready unless an additional rush fee has been applied. 

Don't see the service you need or not sure where to even start? Bring your item in or contact via website form and I'll be happy to discuss needed repairs. If I can't fix it I'll refer you to someone who can!


Please bring in items that are already clean - this will produce the best repair result. Not sure how to clean that vintage or delicate item? Send a message or bring it in and I'll point you in the right direction.

You will be notified via text e-mail when your item is ready. Clients have 30 days from time of notification to pick up the item or it will be donated.

Communication is extremely important. Have a certain look in mind for your repair? There is a vast array of mending techniques (particularly visible ones) and they all produce different finished looks. Save some example photos and show me what you're looking for!



Please note that pricing is a starting estimate and may vary depending on the fabric, location of the repair, and any specialty materials that need to be sourced. You will be given a final price quote before any repair work begins. Additional fees will not be added based on the size of the garment (aka "fat tax").


  • Darning (hole repair)
    • less than 2 inches $15
    • 2-4 inches $25
    • larger than 4 inches - varies (will likely need a patch)
  • Patch $30 and up
  • Hem 
    • New $20
    • Maintain original $35

Knit and other repairs (sweaters, socks, tees, cotton / sturdy garments)

  • Holes
    • Less than 1 inch $4.25
    • 1-2 inches $6.50
    • Larger than 2 inches - starting at $10
Seam repair 
    • Single seam less than 3 inches $4
    • Single seam greater than 3 inches - up to $8
    • Custom quote for multiple seam repairs
    • Shirt / skirt / dress - starting at $18 
    • Pant hem (not denim) $22
Button or other fastener replacement
    • BYO buttons - $3 + $1.95 for each additional button
    • Shop provided standard - $5 + $2.50 each additional button
    • Shop provided specialty - custom quote
    • Hook and eye - $5
    • Zipper 
      • standard dress / skirt / shirt $25
      • specialty - custom quote
      • jacket / hoodie $45
    • Elastic replacement - starting at $15
Other alterations
  • Take in waist - starting at $22
  • Let out along seam allowance - starting at $30
  • Other services vary greatly dependent on garment construction and area in need of alteration. I'm always happy to take a look at what you have in mind and offer ideas!

    Rush fees

      • 7-10 days 30% upcharge
      • 2-6 days 40% upcharge
      • same or next day - based on availability 50% upcharge